Design Philosophy




Since 1989, DMP has been the ODM/OEM partners for world leading Automation, Medical, Industrial, Military, CNC, Thin Client, POS and Robot companies. While searching the suitable processors for different projects, it’s difficult to find the off-the-shelf processor mainly because of the life cycle guarantee, wide temperature support, quick boot time, legacy software support or lack of the legacy hardware interface which might need extra I/O chip.And while working on the projects, we realized in this Embedded Industry, customers need the hardware which might not most advanced but fully trustable technology on both silicon processing and board manufacturing.









Vortex86 Design Philosophy

ooopic_1419640029One chip design, CPU+NorthBridge+SouthBridge+BIOS+GPU

ooopic_1419640029I/O oriented

ooopic_1419640029Low power consumption for fanless design

ooopic_1419640029Industrial grade working temperature support

ooopic_1419640029Mature silicon process with 7 to 10 year life cycle

ooopic_1419640029Wider BGA ball pitch for better production yield rate and maintenance

ooopic_1419640029Legacy software support

ooopic_1419640029Legacy hardware support

ooopic_1419640029Ease customer’s engineering resource and shorten customer’s time-to-market