The two independent cores CPU with I/O configurable.


Vortex86EX2 is new generation heterogeneous two-core CPU which utilizes the Master and Slave cores to simultaneously run two different BIOSs & Operating Systems without affecting each other ; equipped with various programmable I/O ; it's designed for real-time desired industrial/automation applications.

Main features

  • Two independent CPU core. Master for UI , Slave for real-time I/O.
  • Truly two BIOS, two OS, no need Hypervisor and OS Virtualization.
  • Two independent assigned DDR3 memory area, support ECC.
  • Fail-save between Master and Slave core.
  • Working Temp. -40 to 85 ˚C


Compare to Vortex86EX

Better Performance

  • Master:600 MHz ,Slave:400 MHz.
  • Enhanced FPU for Complex Calculations.
  • Accurate Real-Time Performance through Shorter Interrupt Response Time and Faster I/O Access Speed

Complete Smart I/O Support

  • 128 GPIO bits
  • 16 ADC channels with 12-bit resolution
  • Dual LAN, Dual CAN, Dual SPI, Dual I2C
  • 3 Motion Control Modules
  • DMA on GPIO, ADC and SPI.
  • LCD Controller Support

Features of Vortex86EX2

Processor Core-Master
  • 600MHz max.
  • Build-in FPU
  • L1/L2 Cache
Processor Core-Slave
  • 400MHz max.
  • Build-in FPU
  • L1 Cache
DDR3 Control Interface
  • PCIe Host Target Gen1 x 1
  • PCIe Host Gen1 x 1
  • (Vortex86VGA chip is available from DMP)
LCD Interface
  • 24 bit DVO, TTL.
  • Linux frame buffer driver
  • 10/100Mbps
  • MAC x 2, PHY x 1
12-bit ADC
  • 8 channels
  • Support DMA
GPIO x 128 bits
UART Port x 10
Parallel Port x 1
SPI Port x 2
USB 2.0 Host x 1, Host/Device x 1 .
I2C Port v2.1x 2
CAN bus v2.0 x 2
ISA bus
PCI bus
PS/2 Keyboard & Mouse
Operating Temperature
  • -40 to 85 ℃
  • 19x19mm LFBGA, 441 balls

System Block Diagram

Selectable I/O Block Diagram



The EVB, VEX2‐6890 is the official evaluation board for VortexEX2 CPU. It offers an easy way to evaluate the performance Vortex86EX2 Master and slave core, also most of its build‐in I/O functions.


For detail reference design, schematic, gerber, layout, layout guide ....etc, please contact soc@dmp.com.tw to get the FTP access for all the reference design documents.

Vortex86EX2 support most of legacy OS and RTOS which provide standard x86 BSP. Please contact soc@dmp.com.tw if you can't download proper information or driver from our website. 


Windows: CE 6.0, Embedded Compact 7

Linux : Up to kernel 4.14 with QT support, the Buildroot step by step guide is also available.

Other OS Support: For QNX, VxWorks and RTOS 32 support, please contactsoc@dmp.com.tw

Our Life Cycle Policy:

All of DMP Electronics product should have at least 10 years life cycle. For detailed information, please contact soc@dmp.com.tw.