Quick Evaluation



Get started with the Vortex86 Family today with one of our ITX Evaluation Boards. With an evaluation board, you may test every single bit of functionality offered by our System-on-Chips. This will help you determine which System-on-Chip is the best fit for your project. To order a board and begin testing today, please contact your local sales representative or contact DMP directly.




 VEX-6290-front  VEX-6290-top  VEX-6290-45D


The Vortex86EX Evaluation Board.

   VDX2-6690-front  VDX2-6690-top  VDX2-6690-45D


The Vortex86DX2 Evaluation Board.

 VMX-6590-front  VMX-6590-top  VMX-6590-45D


The Vortex86MX Evaluation Board.

 VMX-6490-front  VMX-6490-top  VMX-6490-45D


Evaluation board for the MSTI PMX-1000. a variant of the Vortex86MX.

 VSX-6190&VDX-6390-front   VDX-6390-top  VSX-6190&VDX-6390-45D


The Vortex86DX Evaluation Board contains AMI BIOS pre-installed, 256MB DDR2 onboard, support for ISA, audio in/out, watchdog timer, and numerous I/O ports. For more information, please see the manual.

 VSX-6190-front   VSX-6190-top  VSX-6190-45D


The Vortex86SX Evaluation board contains AMI BIOS pre-installed, 128MB of DDR2 onboard, 2MB SPI Flash emulating a Floppy Drive, Watchdog timer, and numerous I/O ports. For information please see the manual.