Three Ease


Easy Development, Production & Maintenance

With their all-in-one x86 architecture, open schematics, ultra low power consumption, and 10 year life cycle, the Vortex86 Family of system-on-chips makes it easy to develop, produce, and maintain all the products you can dream up.


Easy Development for Your R&D Department

All-in-one x86 Architecture Open Schematic, Layout & Gerber Built-in BIOS Ultra Low Power Consumption
Since the first x86 CPU was
announced in the early
1980′s, the x86 architecture
has become the most
popular hardware/software
platform for engineers.
DMP provides the
schematics (OrCad),
layouts(Allegro), and
gerber(CAM-350) to help
designers more easily adapt
their ideas to real designs
without the need to start
from scratch.


DMP also provides BIOS
support services to help
small and middle size
enterprises who have
dedicated firmware
Maximum power consumption
of up to ~2 watts helps to
simplify enclosure design by
doing away with the need for
heat pipes and/or fans. 

Easy Production for Your Manufacturing Department

581-pin BGA Package, 1mm Ball Pitch Array
Utilizing the mature SMT technology of the 1mm ball pitch array, products based on the Vortex86 Family have a high yield rate, low RMA rate, and are capable of maintaining high product reliability and stability. 


Easy Maintenance for Your Purchasing Department

10 Year Life Cycle Support Lower BOM Item/
Single PCB Design
Every product in the
Vortex86 Family follows a 10
year life cycle, giving you
ampletime to develop a
migration strategy.
Vortex86 Family SoC
contain an internal pull-up
resistor and clock generator
to help lower the number
of BOM items and cost.
This helps reduce the over
all job load/resource
allocation of your purchasing
Products in the Vortex86 Family only vary by a few pin differences, making it possible to utilize different SoC with a single PCB design. This helps to save on PCB inventory space and provides sales flexibility.