About Us


DMP Electronics INC was founded in 1989
as an industrial controller designer and
manufacturer which focused on embedded
x86 technology.
In DMP Electronics INC, there are 3 main
departments which are SoC, eBOX and
Robot Divisions.





DMP Electronics INC / SoC Division.

The SoC Division was started in Feb 2007, in charge of Vortex86 series SoC (System on Chip)  products to service/support the global distributors and customers for both the sales management and technical support.




Vortex86 & Milestone of DMP’s SoC.

The Vortex86 is the series name of DMP’s embedded x86 SoC.






Vortex86DX3 2014 October First Dual Core Vortex86
Vortex86EX 2013 March First Vortex86 with I/O CrossBar
Vortex86DX2 2012 May First Vortex86 with build-in Motion Control
Vortex86MX+ 2010 June First Vortex86 with 32-bit DRAM bus
PMX-1000 2009 June First Vortex86 with build-in GPU
Vortex86DX 2008 August First Vortex86 serious SoC with FPU
Vortex86SX 2007 February First Vortex86 series SoC
M6117D 1998 July First DMP SoC